In order to maintain your US Lacrosse certification, ALL officials must complete the NFHS rules tests online each year.  All first time adult and all Youth officials are required to take the Youth tests as well. arbiter

The test must be taken online through the US Lacrosse Central Hub on Arbiter

You may take the test as many times as you need to in order to pass.

Accessing Arbiter

arbiterloginAll USL members registered as officials are issued a free Arbiter account.   Once your name has been submitted by ALO, you will receive an email from Arbiter with login instructions to your US Lacrosse.

centralhubBoth the NFHS and USL Youth Rules Test, the most recent rules interpretation videos as well a variety of US Lacrosse resources are available on US Lacrosse Central Hub.

If you have taken our class, you will have received paper copies of the tests as well.

Here is a step by step guide to taking the tests through Arbiter.

Problems with Arbiter

Check to make sure you can log in to your USL account and confirm that you are registered as an official under the Log In tab.


One common issue is that a child and parent are both USL members and share an email address.  You must have your own UNIQUE email address.  You CANNOT use your parent’s email address.

Problems: Call US Lacrosse

Anyone who does not have access or cannot log in MUST call (410) 235-6882 ex.102 and explain to the member services representative that they want to change their participation to official, and confirm which email address should be on their USL account BEFORE the update is made.

Take the Test on Paper, then Online

It is best to take the tests on paper with the rulebooks in hand.  Take your time and slowly answer each question by finding the answer in the book.  Once you are done, log in to the testing site to enter their answers.

2017 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Test

2017 US Lacrosse Youth Rules

The NFHS test consists of 100 questions. The USL Youth test consists of 25 questions. You must answer all questions before submitting each test.

To answer a question, click on the circle next to the best answer. Each answer is automatically saved after clicking, though you can change your answer until you submit the test.

Navigating the Tests

After answering a question, select “Back” (previous question) or “Next” (next question), or you can navigate to any question by using the vertical navigation bar on the left-hand side.

The navigation bar on the left-hand side of the testing window indicates which questions have been answered.
Note that you can click on any question number in the navigation bar to navigate directly to that question.

To save your test and finish it later. Simply exit the testing window. All of your completed answers will be saved. Choose the “Save and Exit” option provided in the lower right corner of each question.

To resume the test, select “Continue” from the Testing Dashboard. The test will resume where you left previously.

Submitting the Tests

If your last question answered was the last question on the test: Click on “Next” and you will be taken to the “Summary” screen where the option to “Submit Test” is provided. Click “Submit Test.”

If your last question answered was NOT the last question in the test: Scroll down the left-side navigation bar and select “Summary.” This screen tells you how many questions you have answered and provides the option to “Submit Test.” To submit the test click on “Submit Test.”

“Submit” turns in a completed test. Tests cannot be modified after they have been submitted.

Passing Scores

Passing score is an 80% for each test for Youth or Level 1 officials (90% for Level 2 and 3). All scores are recorded on Arbiter on the testing page.  As soon as a passing score is secured by an official the USL database updates their test

While the system will record your scores on your USL account, be sure to email me a copy of scores as soon as you complete both tests.

You should also receive a confirmation email from containing the same information as the confirmation screen. You may forward this to me as well. Save a copy for your records.

Retaking the Test

You can retake the tests 999 times and it is still free. Simply return to the TESTING Tab on the Central Hub and repeat the process indicated in these instructions. Review the printed copy of the test and look up the correct answer for these questions.

Please note that the USL Arbiter Account will not assign games, it is for educational and testing purposes only.  See the Getting Games page for more info.