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Vail LAREDO 3 Notes!

The following notes are geared towards officials in a three-man crew, but there are also many general officiating comments and mechanics observations that will serve any official well. The following list was put together by Don Balch and Sean Murphy:

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Vail LAREDO 3 Recap and Notes

I am roughly two weeks removed from the Vail LAREDO, and I want to go back! I got to work with great officials from all around the country, and was lucky to have Don Balch and Sean Murphy as the clinicians. Helping Don and Sean were crew chiefs Joe Cronin, Dale Hall, Hank Friedman, and Tim Markham. The crew chiefs did a fantastic job of managing the games, while simultaneously critiquing and advising my fellow campers and myself. Don and Sean put together the following comments after Day 1, which are observations and evaluations things that at least one official did during the games: Vail 2012 LAREDO – General Comments. Feel free to download this document to read at your leisure.

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