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Strategies for Starting Off and Coming Back

A few years ago I started a small tradition in the 2nd-4th year GLOA officials training class. Once everyone gets settled into the classroom I ask all the new second year officials to stand up. Once they’re all standing the third and fourth year officials and GLOA trainers congratulate them for surviving their rookie season and coming back for another round. It’s a small gesture, but a powerful one that tells all of the former rookies that everyone else in the room has been where they were. Acknowledging the always-difficult first season brings these second year officials deeper into the fold of the officiating brotherhood at the GLOA, which helps us retain more of our less experienced officials and turn them into more experienced officials.

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26 New Training Videos!

I posted almost thirty new training videos on the GLOA YouTube Channel in two- and three-man mechanics.

As Greg wrote about in his Pre-Season Preparation post you’ve got to get mentally prepared for the new lacrosse season. You’ve got to study the rulebook, but you also have to have your mechanics down cold. These videos will help you in your pre-season self study.

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