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Support Your Partner

While at my very first LAREDO camp, a Level 2 in Orlando, FL, I was asked a very curious question by the lead clinician. I attended this camp after my second season, and I hadn’t been assigned as the Referee on many of my regular season games. While at this LAREDO I got one Referee assignment, which I found out later was to see how I handled the added responsibility. I don’t remember much from that game, but I did get one piece of advice and one question that radically changed my perception on being a quality lacrosse official.

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I Am A Sheet Guy

I woke up on the second morning of the Vail, Colorado 2012 LAREDO 3 clinic, and as I’m eating a delightful meal of pancakes in comes one of the LAREDO 3 clinicians, Sean Murphy. Since my assigned crew chief was unable to ref that day due to a bad illness Sean was stepping up to fill his place so we had a full three-man crew for the first game of the day. I was starting on my second pancake when Sean told me, “Gordon you are the Referee of our crew for today.” I almost choked on the pancake.

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