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Mental Prep Work

I think officiating boils down to one major attribute: the ability to stay focused for an extended period of time. The youth officials I’ve trained laugh when I tell them that they are getting paid to pay attention, but that is an accurate observation about what officiating is. I’ve been in games where I mentally blinked, or started daydreaming and suddenly I’ve got a player moaning on the ground with no clue how he got there. I felt bad knowing that I probably missed a major safety violation because I was not paying attention to the game in front of me. After evaluating how I lost my focus I concluded that my game preparation contributed to my hazy mental state in the game, and I resolved to find a way to get focused as an official.

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Mental Resilience

One of my good officiating buddies and I chatted a few weeks ago about how there is very little training on how officials handle the mental stress of a game or the stress that comes after making an error. We study the rulebook and the mechanics manual. We ask questions from the more experienced officials we work with. We call one another to go over weird situations that we ran into, or try and create the most outlandish situations that could possibly happen to stump our friends. Still, as my friend and I chatted, neither of us thought that there was much information out there to help officials become more mentally strong especially after making a mistake.

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