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How I Deal With BS

This post was inspired by a recent article that US Lacrosse picked up written by an Idaho lacrosse official thinking about hanging up his stripes due to consistent verbal assaults from uneducated fansĀ during his games entitled “Officials and Sideline Behavior: Something Needs to Change“.

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Rabbit Ears


When I started officiated I knew nothing about it beyond my regular critiques of professional sports officials on TV. When I first stepped onto the field I thought it was my job to catch every infraction that occurred and to correct bad behavior from players, coaches and fans. Some very good officials at the GLOA saw some promise in me and quickly stepped in with some useful advice. Mainly they wanted me to worry less about what was said to me and worry more about the safety calls in front of me.

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I follow very few hard and fast rules when I officiate. I prefer to maintain a high level of adaptability and flexibility so I can appropriately handle whatever situation comes my way. One of the hard rules I follow is that IĀ do not respond to statements from coaches.

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