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How I Deal With BS

This post was inspired by a recent article that US Lacrosse picked up written by an Idaho lacrosse official thinking about hanging up his stripes due to consistent verbal assaults from uneducated fans┬áduring his games entitled “Officials and Sideline Behavior: Something Needs to Change“.

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“You’re Biased!”

Few things piss me off more than an assault on my integrity, but as an official it’s inevitable that a person or group of people will send a comment my way that hurts. The second year of officiating high school lacrosse was the hardest year for me. I was getting more varsity game assignments, and while I wasn’t completely out of my depth, I was definitely treading water in the deep end. I showed this in my very defensive demeanor with coaches and players. No smiling, no engagement, no explanations. If coaches questioned or threw a verbal barb my way they found their in-home kneeling next to them before they realized what happened. I was an official, but I didn’t own the stripes.

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If you stay in this profession long enough you will encounter a two-faced coach. Before and after a game this coach is approachable, understanding and easy to deal with. During the game this coach is aggravating, inconsolable and hot-headed. Perhaps it is some weird Pavlovian response to the starting whistle, but these coaches flip a switch that turns them into the Incredible Hulk’s slightly smaller but equally pissed-off cousin.

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