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If you stay in this profession long enough you will encounter a two-faced coach. Before and after a game this coach is approachable, understanding and easy to deal with. During the game this coach is aggravating, inconsolable and hot-headed. Perhaps it is some weird Pavlovian response to the starting whistle, but these coaches flip a switch that turns them into the Incredible Hulk’s slightly smaller but equally pissed-off cousin.

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The Most Important Game Of The Day

Here are a few comments that make my blood boil:

  • “It’s just summer ball”
  • “It’s just a U11 game”
  • “Relax Coach, it’s only a club game”

I have no problem if you believe those comments. I often think the same when a U11 coach goes ballistic over called line violation. Guess how I get away with that kind of thinking? I don’t freaking say them out loud!

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Developing A Thick Skin

A young businessman asks an older and very successful businessman for the secret to success. The older man responds, “Good judgment!”

The younger man says, well, that’s great, but how do you get good judgment? “Experience!” is the reply.

Well, yeah, but how do you get experience? The reply: “Bad judgment!”

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