The resources listed here are general video resources and include US Lacrosse’s “Third Team on the Field” video, Officials Signals, the NFHS 2012 Rules Video and “You Make the Call,” a 10 part series produced in by Lacrosse Magazine.  There are also links to the GLOA YouTube Channel.

The Third Team on the Field

This 35-minute video was created by U.S. Lacrosse to help new and prospective men’s lacrosse officials pursue the avocation. Written mostly by Rod Korba, a longtime referee and past men’s lacrosse division president, the video goes through the definition of the avocation, the importance of good officials and the code by which referees abide. Communication with players, coaches and other officials and game preparation are also emphasized. The basic rules of lacrosse are outlined, and safety and sportsmanship are stressed.

The video is a bit dated, but offers some great tips.

US Lacrosse/NFHS Rules Video

This video was created by US Lacrosse with assistance from the NFHS. It illustrates the interpretations of the 2012 rules revisions through the use of video clips and other visual aids.

You Make The Call

This is a 12-part series produced by the US Lacrosse Officials Training Program to help clarify some of the trickier calls in lacrosse.



Men’s Lacrosse Official Signals

The US Lacrosse Officials Training Program has produced 42 animated videos demonstrating and explaining the most commonly used signals for men’s lacrosse officials.


GLOA Official YouTube Channel

Gordon Corsetti from the Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association has created a variety of video resources for new and experienced officials that cover penalties, mechanics, and officiating techniques.  Learn how to perform a stick check, manage an out of bounds or officiate a face off.  Click the icon on the right to visit the channel.