Uniform & Equipment

It is important to look professional.  You do not need to spend a lot of money to do so.  If you are a new official,  focus on the key pieces: good hat and shirt and a pair of black shorts.  You can always add to your collection. Below you will find what to buy, where to buy it and info on where your patches should go.

The Uniform

The uniform requirements for officials include:

  • Stripped Shirts (1 inch vertical black/white stripes with black collar and black cuffs and a pocket on the left breast; long sleeve and short sleeve)
  • Undershirt Black t-shirt or turtleneck. (Any visible undergarments must be black.)
  • Shorts (Black; although white shorts are optional in 2012)
  • Shoes (all black; mark out any white logos or swooshes with a black marker – shined. Cleats are not required, but may be worn on natural grass surfaces.)
  • Socks (all black ankle socks, No calf length black socks. Traditional Lacrosse Hose are optional in 2012)
  • Belt (1 1/4 – 2 inches in width, black, plain buckle)
  • Hat (black baseball style cap with white piping)
  • Fox 40 Finger Whistle (spare optional)
  • Digital Wrist Watch (with countdown timer function).
  • Flags (yellow – 2)
  • Scorecard (You may use a plastic one or a paper one you print out or create)
  • Pencil (with clip and eraser)
  • Large Eraser
  • Coin (Half-dollar size or larger).
  • Index Cards
  • 6’ Mini Tape Measure

Adult Officials Only

  • 20-second Timer
  • Jacket  (Stripped; note that officials who work college games will have all black jackets))
  • Gear Bag 
  • Equipment Bag (Small bag for flags, whistles etc.)
  • Coaches Certification Cards
    uniform slide

Optional Equipment

These are things you may want to keep i your trunk, particularly in you are working in an area where Lacrosse is a just getting started.

  • Zip Ties
  • Air Horn
  • White Spray Paint
  • Cones
  • Folding Chair
  • Cooler
  • Gloves (if worn for cold games) shall be solid black
  • Rain Pants (black; try getting pants with belt loops.  If you cannot find them you can have a seamstress sew them on.)
Check out the post on optional and required equipment: “Essential Equipment”


If you are officiating a GHSA sanctioned contest you should have a GHSA patch on your left shoulder and your Association patch on the right shoulder.

If you are officiating a non-GHSA event, you may wear a US Lacrosse Patch on the left sleeve.  The top of the patch should be roughly 3 inches down from the shoulder seam.

US Flag PatchAmerican Flag patches are optional for GHSA events. They should be located directly above the pocket on the left breast.

Online Uniform & Equipment Stores

You can often find package deals if you are just starting out.  Shorts and socks can be found at discount stores like WalMart,Target, TJ Max or  Bealls.

There are two stores in Atlanta that we know of that sells officials gear.

Four Seasons Sporting Goods
5549 Old National Highway
College Park, GA 30349

(404) 768-7989


We buy most gear online:

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