Here you can find the latest US Lacrosse Mechanics Manual, the Youth Guidebook as well as important pre-game documents such as the ALO pre-game sheet, the coaches certification card,  as well as the scorers and timekeepers instructions.

US Lacrosse Men’s game officials Training Manual

2014 Mechanics ManualThe manual is divided into four sections and has a new interactive layout which is designed to assist officials throughout their season and career. An Introduction which covers resources and information related to all levels of officials. It briefly outlines the training and certification requirements established by US Lacrosse and includes a list of resources established specifically for men’s game officials by US Lacrosse. The Game section follows along directly with the national standard for officiating mechanics and the classroom PowerPoint your local US Lacrosse Certified Trainer will go through annually in your classroom section. The Game Management section covers information and resources that go beyond the basics of officiating covered in “The Game” section of this manual. And finally, the Appendices offer additional resources and information from US Lacrosse that is invaluable to officials of all levels.

In addition, US Lacrosse has added a notes section, rule references to the three main rule codes, and Quick Response Codes (better known as QR codes) to allow officials to access resources by a simple click or utilizing a free QR code reader on their  smartphone.

What are Mechanics

The term “mechanics” refers to the techniques the officials use to accomplish their jobs. While knowing the rules is an important aspect of officiating, without knowing the proper mechanics you won’t know where to go on the field or
how to call the game in a way that allows players, coaches, fans, and your partner to understand your calls. By having standard mechanics, it is possible for two officials who have never met before to step onto the field and work together

This manual focuses on Level One/Level Two training, which is primarily concerned with two-man mechanics. Two-man mechanics are used for a large percentage of youth and high school games (and even for some college games).
For information one-man and three-man mechanics, see the appendices.

NFHS and NCAA Rules

These manuals are based primarily on the NFHS and US Lacrosse Youth Rules. Please note that some high school games are played under NCAA rules, and there are comments indicating where the NCAA rules differ from the NFHS rules. Some rules are labeled “NFHS only” or “NCAA only,” NCAA only rules do not apply to youth lacrosse (U-15 and lower) lacrosse. New officials should keep in mind they are not expected to master all of the material that is contained in level 1.

Youth Guidebook

Under the direction of its Board of Directors, US Lacrosse has developed age-appropriate, national rules of play for youth boys’ lacrosse.

As part of this initiative, US Lacrosse staff and volunteers surveyed more than 50 youth leagues that included nearly 170,000 youth players to better understand the landscape of current rules being used around the country, in addition to receiving input from individual coaches, officials, administrators, youth players and parents.

Based on that research and input from the US Lacrosse Sports Science & Safety Committee, the US Lacrosse Men’s Game Committee proposed rules that were voted on and passed by the US Lacrosse Board of Directors for implementation for the 2012 season.

Pre-Game Documents


ALO PreGame Cardpregame1

Coaches Certification Card
NFHS Timer Directions
Scorers Directions