newandimprovedThese are the most recent presentations and include the 2017 rules changes as outlined in the August 2017 NFHS rules memo.

These PowerPoint presentations are designed to address some of the key rules and mechanics for those seeking Level 1 certification and are based on US Lacrosse mechanics and National Federation rules.

We have laid out the presentations in the order in which they are covered in the training. Please note I have moved the unit on pregame responsibilities and counts to the very end.  If you are training youth officials, pre-game routines and counts are important only insofar as they appear on the test and for the most part do not apply to youth games.  If you are going to cover something quickly or miss it all together, let it be these two presentations.  These can also be covered during the field training.

We recommend that you view these presentations in your browser and not on a mobile device as the file sizes are large.  

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The Game, Rules and Key Definitions

NFHS Rule 1

Field, Goals, Ball and Game Equipment

NFHS Rule 1

The Clock, Mercy Rule and Overtime

NFHS Rule 3

Crosse and Equipment

NFHS Rule 2

Game Personnel, Officials Uniform and Equipment

NFHS Rule 2. In addition, it is recommenced that officials familiarize themselves with the Code of Ethics officials are expected to abide by.

Personal Fouls

NFHS Rule 5

Technical Fouls

NFHS Rule 6

What Foul to Call

NFHS Rule 5,6, and 7

Calling, Signalling and Assessing Fouls

Positioning, On/Off Official, Settled Situations


Out of Bounds,Transition, Restarts and Offsides

NFHS Rule 4, 6, 7

Goals, Crease Play and Goalie Privileges


Pregame Responsibilities

NFHS Rule 4, 6

Counts and Stalling

NFHS Rule 4, 6, 7

Game Management

NFHS Rule 4, 6, 7

Youth Rules