Annual Re-Certification


Officials MUST  re-certify each and very year in order to maintain their status.

All youth and adult officials who plan to re-certify for the 2017 spring season need to take the 2017 NFHS and the Youth tests via his US Lacrosse Arbiter account.

The 2017 NFHS and Youth tests are now online. You can find info here on the ALO Tests page on how and where to take them.
You should receive a 2017 NFHS rule book as a USL member registered as an official.  The 2017 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Book is also available on iTunes and Amazon.
There are no substantive NFHS rules changes, but there are a few.   You can read more about the changes here.
There are MAJOR changes to the youth rules.  I have attached the youth rule book to this email. You can read more about the Youth rules changes here.
You may download and print paper copies of both test from your USL Arbiter account or the ALO Tests page. Take the tests on paper with the rulebooks, then submit your answer online.

If you are having trouble accessing the tests via your USL Arbiter account you must call USL. More info can be found on the ALO Tests page.

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