Getting Certified

peachwhiteWe look forward to working with you as you begin the process of becoming a certified US Lacrosse official. While we have worked hard to explain how the process  works, it is complex. The training that ALO provides is designed for officials with little or no experience in officiating Boys Lacrosse. Officials MUST be at least 14 years of age.

If you are interested in officiating women’s lacrosse, please email Veronica Hewgley at

To become a certified US lacrosse Official you must complete ALL five (5) of these requirements before the end of the season.

5 Steps to Completing Certification

To become a certified US lacrosse Official you must complete ALL five (5) of these requirements. All of the information you need to navigate each step can be found on the ALO website under the Getting Certified tab.

Please click the links to learn more about each step.


us lax logoRegister with US Lacrosse. Many of the problems that arise are a result of expired or linked memberships.


usllearnComplete the “Boys Rules and Penalty Online Course,” or what we at ALO call the Webinar on the USL website BEFORE CLASS.


screenAttend the in-person ALO Class.


rulebk16Pass NFHS and Youth Tests (80% or higher) online via Arbiter BEFORE Field Training.


 penalty-flag2.jpgComplete an ALO Field Training. Please note you MUST be in full uniform for these games.

USLAXPATCHOnce students have completed all requirements are completed students will receive a US lacrosse Certification patch and be able officiate games (see Getting Games for more information on how to join a league or association).

Once certified, an official recertify every year. See the Annual Recertification page for more information.