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Getting The Most Out Of Preseason Training Classes

I used to hate training classes. Alright, hate is maybe too strong of a word. I was more strongly disinterested in going to an officiating class my first two years of reffing lacrosse. I made a critical error in thinking I knew all I ever needed to know about lacrosse and officiating. Heck, I had played for 10 years and I had reffed youth for five – what more was there for me to learn?

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New 2014 Rules Changes

nfhsNineteen rules changes for the 2014 Boys Lacrosse season were approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Boys Lacrosse Rules Committee. These include major changes to substitutions, faceoffs, penalty enforcement, body checks, as well as a recommendation that three officials be used on all games. The changes are summarized below.

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NFHS 2014 Rule Changes

Here’s the link to the new rule changes for NFHS 2014 Boys’ Lacrosse –

So what do these rule changes mean for those of us under federation rules? I’m going to dig into each rule change and see what we are in for in 2014.

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Who’s Got the Count. Gotta Have that Count (owww)

Counts DiagramSome of the most difficult NFHS rules and mechanics for newer officials to master are the three counts involved in advancing the ball:  the four second goalie count (Rule 4-19 and 20 Art. 5, the 20-second clearing count  (Rules 4-14)  and the 10 second count (Rule 4-15).  While the basic requirements and mechanics for each are fairly straightforward, the challenge emerges when an official is tasked in game situations with BOTH recognizing  and communicating when each count begins and ends. You gotta have the count!

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2013 Men’s Lacrosse Rules Preseason Guidance

ncaalaxguyThis mailing from John Hind, chair, and Don Zimmerman, secretary-rules editor, of the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee came out February 1, 2013 and is intended to clarify several points relating to the playing rules changes that were approved for the 2013 season.

[GNH: Please note that any printed copy of the NCAA Rules Book has been radically revised since publication.]
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