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10 Tips for Better Game Management

As an official you have three responsibilities: keep the game safe, keep the game fair and to act in a professional manner.  The difficult part comes when you make a necessary and appropriate safety or fairness call and one sideline rants and raves. Maintaining your cool when the crowd is booing, players are grumbling and coaches are complaining is not easy. Knowing the rules, being in the right spot, looking professional are all well and good, but what you need in these situations are solid game management skills.  Here are ten tips to help you to better manage a game: Be professional, in the right spot, focused, quiet, open, calm, brief, quick, humble and in control.

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Getting The Most Out Of Preseason Training Classes

I used to hate training classes. Alright, hate is maybe too strong of a word. I was more strongly disinterested in going to an officiating class my first two years of reffing lacrosse. I made a critical error in thinking I knew all I ever needed to know about lacrosse and officiating. Heck, I had played for 10 years and I had reffed youth for five – what more was there for me to learn?

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2013 NFHS Rules Interpretation Video

This video was created by US Lacrosse with assistance from the NFHS. It illustrates the interpretations of the 2013 rules revisions and points of emphasis through the use of video clips and other visual aids.

You must view this video for US Lacrosse Officials certification.


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Peter Lasagna and Terry Foy discuss NCAA Rules Changes

Listen to IL columnist and Bates head coach Peter Lasagna joins IL’s Terry Foy to discuss how rule changes, specifically the 2010 stick specification rule changes and last summer’s pace of play rule changes in this podcast.

NCAA Rule Changes, POEs and Clarifications Guide for 2013 Fall Lacrosse

The following are the rules changes and points of emphasis recently adopted by the NCAA  for the 2013 season.  These changes are being implemented this fall.  As rules are clarified further and changes to the mechanics are made, ALO will keep you posted!   Continue reading