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NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Book Clarification Memo


NFHS Rules Update: Tape Rings

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The February 14 memo included a situation and ruling that was inadvertently omitted from the rules book. That situation on rule 1.6.1 should be stated as follows: During an equipment inspection, A1’s handle has a tape ring measuring more than … Continue reading


NFHS Rules Clarrification: Expiring Penalty During Faceoff

The 2012 revision to rule 7-1-1d stipulates that a player entering the field following expiration of his penalty time must wait until possession is gained on a faceoff. If, however, the ball breaks the restraining line without possession, this would … Continue reading

2012 NFHS POE: Stick Checks

The last point of emphasis in the 2012 NFHS  rule book addresses stick checks. The NFHS recommends four random stick checks throughout the game. In order to better understand what a stick check entails, GLOA Official Gordon Coresetti has prepared two videos to watch and to share with your other coaches, players, and parents. Please refer to pages 53-54 of the 2012 NFHS Rule Book; Rule 5 Section 5 Illegal Crosse – and especially Situation I. Continue reading

NFHS Rules Memo: End Caps

The following is an additional clarification to the 2012 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Book (1-7-3) regarding the type of end cap that must be used on hollow crosses.
The 2012 revision to rule 1-7-3 is stated as follows:
All hollow crosse handles must have their open end covered with a plastic or rubber end cap manufactured for a lacrosse stick.