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2013 Men’s Lacrosse Rules Preseason Guidance

ncaalaxguyThis mailing from John Hind, chair, and Don Zimmerman, secretary-rules editor, of the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee came out February 1, 2013 and is intended to clarify several points relating to the playing rules changes that were approved for the 2013 season.

[GNH: Please note that any printed copy of the NCAA Rules Book has been radically revised since publication.]
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Learning to Speak Lacrosse

dolphin cartoonThat the game and the rules have their own lingo is not unique to the sport of lacrosse.  In football, while fans, players, coaches and announcers use the terms fumble and muff interchangeably, the terms have radically different meanings and can have major impacts on how you rule on a play. Being a fan or an announcer is not the same as being an official.  For folks new to the game and to those who have been playing lacrosse for some time, becoming an official requires that you learn how to talk about the game. One needs to learn what particular terms mean and how to describe situations, leaving out superfluous information and focusing on key relevant facts. One must essentially learn how speak lacrosse.

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Peter Lasagna and Terry Foy discuss NCAA Rules Changes

Listen to IL columnist and Bates head coach Peter Lasagna joins IL’s Terry Foy to discuss how rule changes, specifically the 2010 stick specification rule changes and last summer’s pace of play rule changes in this podcast.

NCAA Rule Changes, POEs and Clarifications Guide for 2013 Fall Lacrosse

The following are the rules changes and points of emphasis recently adopted by the NCAA  for the 2013 season.  These changes are being implemented this fall.  As rules are clarified further and changes to the mechanics are made, ALO will keep you posted!   Continue reading


US Lacrosse Online Rules Test

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US Lacrosse is pleased to offer online tests based on two-man mechanics, and rules tests for NFHS and NCAA rules (which also includes three-man mechanics). US Lacrosse member officials may take any or all of these tests.