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Risk Minimization Addressed in 2017 Rules Changes

nfhsIn an effort to minimize the risk of injury, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Boys Lacrosse Rules Committee recommended six rules changes, including only allowing the goalkeeper to be located in the crease. All 2017 boys lacrosse rules changes recommended by the committee at its July 18-20 meeting in Indianapolis were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors. Continue reading

Adjusting After Being Told You’re Wrong

I never considered myself a rules guy until other officials started asking me rules questions. Many of the questions I was asked made me dig into the rulebook even further, which helped enhance my knowledge of the rulebook. I did not become knowledgable on lacrosse rules by just studying the rulebook though. I learned a painful lesson early on in my career that it pays dividends down the road to accept when I am completely wrong on a rule.

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Now is the Time: Pre-Season Preparation

day-oneFootball has wrapped up, basketball is winding down, the holidays are a blur and BOOM:  Lacrosse season is here.  It sneaks up on us every year. But being ready for the season is key to having a successful year as an official.  If you want be regarded as a top official, now is the time to prepare.  As of today there are only 60 days until the first game and you have a lot to do. Here are some tips to make this year a great one so you are ready on day 1. Continue reading

Three Man Mechanics: A Primer

2012-20-GHSA-Lacrosse-state-wh_250wAs the high school regular season comes to an end and the playoffs begin, many of you will need to brush up on your three-man mechanics.  The shift can be challenging, even for experienced  officials who do not work three-man games regularly.

Here are a few resources to help you master the mechanics.  Remember, a three-man game  is really a two-man game with help. Continue reading

GHSA TV: Great Game Film Resource

GHSATVPlayOn! Sports is the nation’s premier high school sports media company. We are the largest rights holder, producer, and aggregator of high school sports events, including the GHSA.  Games may be viewed on cable television as well as web. This is another great resource you can use to watch film and improve your craft.  You might even catch yourself on tape! Visit the site regularly to see what new games have been posted.

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