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Equipment Review

Setting Expectations before the First Whistle

We have all heard it before; communication is an essential skill that a referee must develop in order to be successful: be a people person! Listen! Match energy levels! Take charge! But what exactly does all that mean? How does one learn how to do it?  As a referee you must realize that your goal is not to control a game but to manage it and that means, managing people.  That is managing player, coaches, table personnel, fans, parents, and even fellow officials.  Often, I hear officials say that they clearly and concisely communicated what they wanted, but the coach or player just would not listen.  And so began a chain of events that lead to rising tension, an outburst, a penalty, a fight and an ejection.
letmeexplainOfficials often equate communication skills as coming into play once a conflict or crisis has started.  They regale us with stories of how they swooped in and took charge or expound on how they defused the situation with their charm and calm demeanor. Continue reading

Bring Backups

I have backups for my backups. Extra whistles, extra flags, extra scorecards, extra pencils. You name it I’ve got it stocked in a verifiable Honig’s shop in the back of my hatchback. My very first scrimmage ever back in 2008 I pulled into the school parking lot and met the assigned referee. I thought I had everything I needed, but after looking into his car I realized I only had the bare minimum of supplies needed. Seeing the shocked expression on my face my partner told me he accumulated all of his extra gear after many seasons, and if I stuck with officiating I would have a similar collection. That wound up being  a very true prediction.

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Effectivey Using A Scorecard

scorefrontThe score card is a key piece of equipment which enables an official to record a number of key facts: team captains, the in-home for each team, keep track of alternate possession, the number of stick checks, time outs each team has used, and of course, the score. There are a number of other bits of information that can and should also be recorded: your partner’s name, the goal that each team is defending in the 1rst and 3rd quarters.   Writing on your scorecard may seem like a simple task that is not worthy of a post, but it is a skill that officials often struggle to master. Continue reading

Essential Equipment

Clint Bond has a great piece on the US Lacrosse website entitled “What’s in your bag?” He offers some great tips on how to organize your equipment and highlights the list of must haves for every lacrosse official.  I thought that I would add my two cents to the conversation.  Continue reading