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Simultaneous Fouls in NFHS Boys Lacrosse

Without a doubt, the most confusing section of the lacrosse rule book is Rule 7-6: Simultaneous Fouls. Many veteran officials make these calls incorrectly without realizing it, because in few cases do the coaches—or anyone else watching the game—understand the correct enforcement. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be trying to make the right calls! Continue reading


NFHS Rules Update: Tape Rings

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The February 14 memo included a situation and ruling that was inadvertently omitted from the rules book. That situation on rule 1.6.1 should be stated as follows: During an equipment inspection, A1’s handle has a tape ring measuring more than … Continue reading


NFHS Rules Clarrification: Expiring Penalty During Faceoff

The 2012 revision to rule 7-1-1d stipulates that a player entering the field following expiration of his penalty time must wait until possession is gained on a faceoff. If, however, the ball breaks the restraining line without possession, this would … Continue reading



Since the late 1980s, the LAREDO (LAcrosse REferee DevelOpment) program has been providing training for lacrosse officials around the country. LAREDO utilizes regional lacrosse tournaments and summer lacrosse camps as sites for intense and concentrated lacrosse officiating development.


2011-2012 Lacrosse Area Assignments

These are the 2011-2012 classifications for Boys Lacrosse in Georgia for 5A and 4-1A.