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When are classes offered?

day-oneClasses are offered in January in order to prepare officials for the Lacrosse season which traditionally begins in early February. Classes are also offered at the end of the season in preparation for the summer leagues which provide a great opportunity for new officials to gain experience and hone their craft as well as prior to the beginning of Fall Ball.

Please note that it is exceptionally difficult to provide training during the regular season due to time constraints.

Who can take a class?

U.S. Lacrosse Level 1 Certification is targeted at officials with little or no experience in officiating boy’s lacrosse. The focus at this level is to provide training for officials interested in officiating games at the sub-high school level.

This training is open to mature individuals 14 years old and up. If you are a high school player and interested in learning more about lacrosse, this training is ideal. Adults (over the age of 18 and high school graduate) who are new to officiating would benefit from this training as well.

Do I need to be a member of US Lacrosse?

Yes, yus lax logoou MUST be registered member of US Lacrosse as an official.  You may check your US Lacrosse membership status and look up your membership number here. Membership fees are based on the age of the member.

  • Youth ($25): Under age 15 but not in high school.
  • High School ($35): Age 18 or under and in high school.
  • Adult ($50): Age 18 and over and out of high school.

Can I use my parents’ email or USL membership?  

No.  Every student MUST use their own membership with USL and a unique email address associated with that account.   Once a student registers for the course, ALO sends their information in and has their membership to reflect that they are an official.Sharing accounts and email leads to a number of problems, especially being able to access the online tools.

Anyone who does not have access or cannot log in should call (410) 235-6882 ex.102 and explain to the member services representative that they want to change their participation to official, and confirm which email address should be on their USL account BEFORE the update is made.

What is required to schedule a class?

In order to be a US Lacrosse certified official, participants must take 8 hours of class time. The classroom should have seating for participants, whiteboard and electrical outlets for PC and video equipment. Course organizers should look to schedule a scrimmage for the Field Training portion of the clinic.

How much does it cost?

The estimated cost of the training is $50. This includes a flag, whistle, Boys’ current rules book and mechanics manual. Please note that this fee does not include US Lacrosse membership dues. Participants will receive a link from us and be able to register and pay online.


Please note that there will be no refunds for those unable to make one or both sessions.

What are the requirements for the uniform?

USLAXPATCHFor the subsequent games, participants should be prepared to purchase:

  • a black, with white piping, referees cap
  • a white and black striped officials shirt with collar and breast pocket
  • black knee-length non-cargo shorts with belt loop (not basketball or lacrosse mesh shorts)
  • a black belt with plain buckle
  • short, ankle length black socks
  • (mostly) black turf shoes or cleats

Check out the page on uniforms and equipment.

What are the requirements for becoming an official?

In order to become a certified US Lacrosse Youth Official, you must complete ALL of these five (5) requirements.

  1. Be a registered member of US Lacrosse as an official.
  2. Complete the Boys Rules and Penalty Online Course (this is an online class offered by US Lacrosse; see below for more details)
  3. Take the eight hour Classroom Session with ALO.
  4. Pass the open book NFHS Rules Test AND the US Lacrosse Youth Test after the course (80% or better).  The tests are available online.
  5. Once ALL of the steps are completed you must work a Field Training with a certified USL trainer.

Certificate of Completion

ONLINE CertOnce you have completed the ONLINE course you will receive an email with a certificate of completion (see image to right).

Please print this certificate out and bring it with you to your scheduled class.


What is a  Field Training ?

The field training is an important component of training. It is only for students who have completed all the requirements: class, webinar and tests.  Students will be paired with a veteran trainer and be able to ask question and watch what an official does.  They should be in full uniform and be ready to work a real game in the second half.  This is the final step in certification.

Lacrosse Officials Association

Please select Georgia Youth Lacrosse Officials as the LOA when you join or renew as an official with US Lacrosse.  Please note that this not an actual association, but a placeholder to allow us to look at your records and update your certifications.

What do I need to do to maintain my certifications?


Each and every year officials must take a pass both the NFHS and Youth rules tests with at least an 80%  and watch the annual rules interpretation video in order to maintain their status as US Lacrosse Officials.


If you have any questions and you will, be sure to contact me at ATL.LacrosseRef@gmail.com.

Play on!

Greg Hite

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