About Us

ALO was developed to assist young Boys Lacrosse officials break into the game of Lacrosse and to provide experienced officials resources that would allow them to hone their craft.  Our goal is to create a world class collection of materials that complement rather than compete with those produced by US Lacrosse and the National Federation High Schools (NFHS). We aim to help improve the quality of officiating in the Atlanta area and across the country.


My name is Greg Hite.  I am am a high school and collegiate official in the Atlanta area. I am a member of the Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association (GLOA) and serve as  a volunteer US Lacrosse Certified Trainer for the Atlanta area as well as the US Lacrosse sub-district training coordinator for Georgia.

I played at the Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY, at Bates College in Lewiston, ME.  In addition, I played overseas at Oxford University for a year  and post-collegiate club level at the University of Virginia while I was completing my Ph.D.

I was blessed to have been recruited by the late Bob Sandell in the late 1990s in Charlottesville, VA where he officiated my UVA Club games.  I have been officiating football and lacrosse since 2000.

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions, comments or suggestions at:


Hello, my name is Gordon Corsetti and I am a high school and collegiate official in the Atlanta area. I am a member of the Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association, and I serve as a volunteer trainer for new youth officials. My officiating career started in fifth grade; where I was first-base umpire in kickball games. As I grew older, I got more and more involved in officiating youth lacrosse games for Atlanta Youth Lacrosse. I joined GLOA during a break from college in 2009, and became passionate for officiating the great game of lacrosse.

This past year I began a series of officiating videos, geared at educating new officials about the intricacies of lacrosse officiating. They may be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/gloawebmaster.

Feel free to reach me with any comments, questions, or suggestions at: