US Lacrosse Central Hub on Arbiter

arbiterAll officials have been issued a free Arbiter account as part of the US Lacrosse membership.   Those updated will get an email from Arbiter with login instructions.

Your login should be the email address and password associated with your USL membership.ALO submitted the email you registered for the class with.

Anyone not updated or  any others you have should call 410-235-6882 ex.102 and state that they want to change their participation to official, and tell the service person the email address that should be on their USL account BEFORE the update is made.

If you work for a league that uses Arbiter to assign games, you will see that account as well. 


If you are having problems logging in. First, double check that your membership is current here.

Next, check you USL profile to be sure that you are registered as an official, coach/official or player/official.

centralhubBoth the NFHS and USL Youth Rules Test, the most recent rules interpretation videos as well a variety of US Lacrosse resources are available on US Lacrosse Central Hub. You are able to view US Lacrosse Central Hub without an account here but in order to receive credit for the tests you must log in to he needs to be registered with USL as an official.

Here is a step by step guide to taking the tests through Arbiter.



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