A Few Thoughts We Have While Officiating That We Never Show

Officiating is an exercise in maintaining focus and composure. There are a lot of thoughts and feelings that come up before and during games that we don’t express because we are expected not to. With the end of the regular season almost here I thought it would be fun to put together a post on the thoughts I have during games, and based off a lot of conversations – thoughts that just about every other official has as well.

Got assigned a big game:

When the crew chief says we’re wearing pants and long sleeves:

After an inadvertent whistle:


How we recover after a mistake:

First thought when a coach questions a correct ruling:

You're Wrong

Second thought when a coach keeps questioning a correct ruling:

When the goalkeeper decides to run upfield:

Hearing “Ward!” or “Moving Pick!” from the same fan all game:

What we keep inside after seeing a really cool individual or team play:

After making the correct call on a tough and obscure situation:

When we see two or more players start scuffling away from the play:

Walking off the field after pissing everyone off, but knowing the crew’s calls were spot on:

I hope my reffing buddies enjoy this goofy post, and good luck to everyone as the regular season comes to a close!

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