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A Few Thoughts We Have While Officiating That We Never Show

Officiating is an exercise in maintaining focus and composure. There are a lot of thoughts and feelings that come up before and during games that we don’t express because we are expected not to. With the end of the regular season almost here I thought it would be fun to put together a post on the thoughts I have during games, and based off a lot of conversations – thoughts that just about every other official has as well.

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“You’re Biased!”

Few things piss me off more than an assault on my integrity, but as an official it’s inevitable that a person or group of people will send a comment my way that hurts. The second year of officiating high school lacrosse was the hardest year for me. I was getting more varsity game assignments, and while I wasn’t completely out of my depth, I was definitely treading water in the deep end. I showed this in my very defensive demeanor with coaches and players. No smiling, no engagement, no explanations. If coaches questioned or threw a verbal barb my way they found their in-home kneeling next to them before they realized what happened. I was an official, but I didn’t own the stripes.

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10 Tips for Better Game Management

As an official you have three responsibilities: keep the game safe, keep the game fair and to act in a professional manner.  The difficult part comes when you make a necessary and appropriate safety or fairness call and one sideline rants and raves. Maintaining your cool when the crowd is booing, players are grumbling and coaches are complaining is not easy. Knowing the rules, being in the right spot, looking professional are all well and good, but what you need in these situations are solid game management skills.  Here are ten tips to help you to better manage a game: Be professional, in the right spot, focused, quiet, open, calm, brief, quick, humble and in control.

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