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Support Your Partner

While at my very first LAREDO camp, a Level 2 in Orlando, FL, I was asked a very curious question by the lead clinician. I attended this camp after my second season, and I hadn’t been assigned as the Referee on many of my regular season games. While at this LAREDO I got one Referee assignment, which I found out later was to see how I handled the added responsibility. I don’t remember much from that game, but I did get one piece of advice and one question that radically changed my perception on being a quality lacrosse official.

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What’s The Rush?

I’ve advanced as a lacrosse official for two reasons. One, I’m fortunate to have a job where I set my own hours (thank you freelancing!) so each year I do a good number of games. Two, I work in lots of different techniques that I pick up from more experienced officials. Some of those techniques work for me while others don’t. I keep the ones that benefit me, and I hold the ones that don’t fly in my back pocket.

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Getting The Most Out Of Preseason Training Classes

I used to hate training classes. Alright, hate is maybe too strong of a word. I was more strongly disinterested in going to an officiating class my first two years of reffing lacrosse. I made a critical error in thinking I knew all I ever needed to know about lacrosse and officiating. Heck, I had played for 10 years and I had reffed youth for five – what more was there for me to learn?

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Hitching And Body Language

I hate hitching. Hitching refers to when an official grabs his flag but does not throw it. I was first told that I was hitching by a high school coach who happened to be an experienced lacrosse official as well.

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January 19th Class FULL

fullgastankAs of today, the January 19 clinic for first year youth officials is full.  With the need to get all 80 participants through field training, we cannot take on any more students at this time.  Continue reading