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Lightning Strikes

During the first day of games at the Vail LAREDO 3 I was working with another trainee and our crew chief, Tim Markham. Tim gave me one of the best pieces of officiating advice I had ever received when we were off the field during a lightning delay. As soon as we suspended the game Tim made a beeline for the nearest covered building. My partner and I waited under the tent for a few minutes to get our gear situated and then went over to where Tim was standing. Tim told us that if we, as the game officials, did not seek cover in a lighting delay we were not being good examples to the players, coaches or parents. He impressed upon me that it was my job to always put safety first and lead by example.

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I follow very few hard and fast rules when I officiate. I prefer to maintain a high level of adaptability and flexibility so I can appropriately handle whatever situation comes my way. One of the hard rules I follow is that I do not respond to statements from coaches.

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If you stay in this profession long enough you will encounter a two-faced coach. Before and after a game this coach is approachable, understanding and easy to deal with. During the game this coach is aggravating, inconsolable and hot-headed. Perhaps it is some weird Pavlovian response to the starting whistle, but these coaches flip a switch that turns them into the Incredible Hulk’s slightly smaller but equally pissed-off cousin.

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COC Official Robert L. Schweitzer

Robert L. Schweitzer, age 63, born in Baltimore MD, died at his home in Newark, DE, on July 7, 2013. He was preceded in death by his mother, Regina, and his father, William, and is survived by his wife, Mary, son, Eric (Traci), daughter, Carolyn, and two grandchildren, Kendall and Connor. Dr. Schweitzer received his Ph.D. in Economics from Duke University, where he met and married his wife. Continue reading

Field Presence In Vail

By Jeremy Redmon

Jim Carboneau had a near perpetual grin on the field, even during some of the more tense periods of the men’s lacrosse games he officiated at this year’s Vail Shootout. Jethro Mills deadpanned funny one-liners with his fellow officials during breaks. And at one halftime, Rob Wyman rubbed his hands together as he jokingly told his crew, “We have them right where we want them.”

All veteran lacrosse officials, Carboneau, Mills and Wyman bring essential elements to the game: humor, confidence and strong field presence. Those things can’t be taught in a classroom. They must be learned on the field. With decades of experience mastering the rules and mechanics of officiating lacrosse, these men simultaneously project ease and command respect from the players and coaches. Continue reading