“Advancement Rules” – Now Available on the Amazon Kindle Store!

I am beyond excited to announce that my first book, “Advancement Rules: Improving Your Lacrosse Officiating” is now available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle Store! After a year of writing and a few months of editing and cover design I have a finished product that I am incredibly proud of. I could not have gotten to this point without the help of some fantastic people in my life:

  • Caitlin Corsetti – My sister edited the entire book for me. Yet another reason I love my amazing sister!
  • Mary Jo Corsetti – My mother photographed a few of my college games this season and her work is showcased on the book’s cover.
  • Lisa Lawrence – Lisa did the front and back cover design as well as formatted the book for print. She works for CGP, who is producing the print-version of the book for me.
  • Andy Halperin – Andy has been a close friend for years and a great partner to ref with on the field. He received one of the proofs of the book a few weeks ago and gave it his approval.
  • Greg Hite – Greg reviewed one of the earlier manuscripts of “Advancement Rules” and gave me great insight on the overall layout of the chapters for easier reading.
  • Jeremy Redmon – Jeremy writes for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and I asked him to review a copy to see how accessible my writing style was. He said that I write very well which is a huge compliment from someone who writes for a living.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this book for your time and encouragement! 


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