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Why Did I Do That?

Officiating is not immune to the human condition. Even though everyone associated with the game expects the crew to be perfect it is never going to happen. To be fair, no player or coach has ever played or coached perfectly, but no one cares about those mistakes. Our mistakes get talked about at the office water cooler and lampooned by commentators if you are officiating in front of a national audience. We cannot eliminate all mistakes, but we can cut down on their frequency if we are honest with ourselves and each other about the on-field mistakes that we make. I cannot speak for other officials, but I can talk about the different mistakes I’ve made over my career. Hopefully, putting my mistakes out in the open will help other officials when they hit the field.

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Effectivey Using A Scorecard

scorefrontThe score card is a key piece of equipment which enables an official to record a number of key facts: team captains, the in-home for each team, keep track of alternate possession, the number of stick checks, time outs each team has used, and of course, the score. There are a number of other bits of information that can and should also be recorded: your partner’s name, the goal that each team is defending in the 1rst and 3rd quarters.   Writing on your scorecard may seem like a simple task that is not worthy of a post, but it is a skill that officials often struggle to master. Continue reading