Final Steps to US Lacrosse Certification

USLAXPATCHFor those who have taken a US Lacrosse clinic with Atlanta Lacrosse Official this year there is still some confusion as to what is required before you can officiate games. Please read the following post for clarification.

You Must complete ALL of these requirements.

  1. Take the Class with ALO
  2. Work a Field Training with ALO
  3. US Lacrosse Men’s Officiating Course (online; see below for more details)
  4. Send Certification of Completion of ONLINE course to Greg Hite
  5. Verify that you have watched the 2013 Rules Interpretation video.
  6. Pass the NFHS Rules Test (you may take this through ALO or US Lacrosse)
  7. Pass the US Lacrosse Youth Test (you may take this through ALO or US Lacrosse)
  8. Join or Renew with US Lacrosse as an Official (Select LOA: Georgia Youth Lacrosse Officials)
  9. Confirm your US Lacrosse number and the address you would like your patch sent to.

All of this information has been sent out to those who have taken the tests on the Canvas system. When you are done with everything, please send an email to with your online certification attached and the information above.

ONLINE CertOnline Course Certification

Click here are the instructions for taking US Lacrosse Men’s Officials Course online course.

Once you have completed the ONLINE course (note this is NOT the class you took with ALO) you will receive an email with a certificate of completion (see image to right).

NOTE: we do NOT need a copy of your test scores IF you took the tests on the Canvas System.  However, if you took the tests on the US Lacrosse website, please have the scores sent to me

Lacrosse Officials Association

Please select Georgia Youth Lacrosse Officials as the LOA when you join or renew as an official with US Lacrosse.  Please note that this not an actual association, but a placeholder to allow us to look at your records and update your certifications.

Working Games

With this email you may begin officiating Youth games. To be assigned games you need to contact the local assignor in your area, usually this is the head coach of the local youth team. Talk to your own coach and visit the Getting Games page on our site for more information.

Email the assignor or the coach and let them know that you are a certified level 1 official and are ready to work. Remember, act professionally and you will be treated professionally.

Remember that you may only to be working two grade levels removed from the grade you are in (ex: 9th graders may only work 7th graders and below).


If you have any questions, and you will, be sure to contact Gordon or myself. Congratulation and good luck with your season!

Play on!

Greg Hite and Gordon Coresetti

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