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Who’s Got the Count. Gotta Have that Count (owww)

Counts DiagramSome of the most difficult NFHS rules and mechanics for newer officials to master are the three counts involved in advancing the ball:  the four second goalie count (Rule 4-19 and 20 Art. 5, the 20-second clearing count  (Rules 4-14)  and the 10 second count (Rule 4-15).  While the basic requirements and mechanics for each are fairly straightforward, the challenge emerges when an official is tasked in game situations with BOTH recognizing  and communicating when each count begins and ends. You gotta have the count!

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Practice the Full Sequence: End Line and Sideline Out of Bounds

Being an effective communicator is one ingredient that all good officials possess.  Your ability to manage a game is directly related to your ability to make sure all parties know where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do. There are a number of mechanics sequences that routinely occur in a game.  By mechanics sequences I mean a series of signals that an official must give to let his partner, the players and coaches know what has occurred.   The two most common are the Sideline and the End Line Out of Bounds sequences.  By practicing these sequences you will communicate more effectively and be able to better manage your game. Continue reading

Summer Training Classes TBD

We have completed all training classes this season.  Please check back in May for summer dates and locations.

Final Steps to US Lacrosse Certification

USLAXPATCHFor those who have taken a US Lacrosse clinic with Atlanta Lacrosse Official this year there is still some confusion as to what is required before you can officiate games. Please read the following post for clarification. Continue reading