MAYLA, AYL and GLL Youth League Rules

It is essential that officials working youth games know the US Lacrosse Youth Rules, but they must also be aware of the specific adjustments each league or tournament is playing under. Below you will find a number of league rules from in and around the Atlanta area.


The 2013 MAYLA rules were formulated with the assistance of the Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association (GLOA) and were reviewed and agreed upon in the December Scheduling Meeting. The home team is responsible for furnishing a laminated copy of these rules which are to be reviewed with the game Officials and both Head Coaches ten minutes prior to the start of the contest.

ayl-logoIn an effort to provide greater understanding of the rules Atlanta Youth Lacrosse have posted the specific US Lacrosse Youth Rules that AYL supports and enforces. The Atlanta Youth Lacrosse Rules document lists the rules that Atlanta Youth Lacrosse follows for our youth games (U9-U15). If you have any questions about the rules below please contact our Head Official Gordon Corsetti at

gllThe Gwinette Lacrosse League (GLL) adheres to US Lacrosse Youth Rules and Guidelines striving to promote skill development and sportsmanship above all aspects of the game. Where appropriate we will always act on the side of safety creating a fast, fun and exciting to watch brand of lacrosse at all ages. You can view a matrix of the rules for various levels here: 2013 GLL Rules Matrix.


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