GHSA Boys Lacrosse Clinic for Coaches and Officials

ghsaPlease complete the 2013 GHSA Boys Lacrosse Clinic for Coaches and Officials by February 16, 2013 if you plan to officiate GHSA JV and Varsity contests this season. You may also download the clinic handout.

Warning!! there are a number of compatibility issues with the online clinic.  Be careful as to what browser, software and device you use. I suggest Internet Explorer 9. Please read below for more disclaimers from GHSA.

Some popup blockers, anti-virus and ad-ware scanners may cauxplorerse the registration form to be blocked at the end of the clinic. Please disable these items before viewing a clinic so ensure that you get the form. The clinics are known to work with Microsoft Security Essentials and McAfee. These clinics have not been tested on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones, etc. The credit form may not appear at the end of the clinic on these devices. 

If you use the Chrome browser as there is an issue with Chrome 7. Please be sure to have the latest version running as there is an issue with recording your attendance.

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