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Unecessary Roughness: Hits that make you go “ooooohhhh!”

UR As Gordon Corsetti likes to say, the Unnecessary Roughness penalty is for the hit that makes the crowd go “ooooooooohhhhh.”   It is imperative that these hits be penalized, particularly at the Youth Level.  A body check that has met ALL of the requirements of a legal check (two hands on the crosse, above the waist, below the neck, from the front to side and with the body not the crosse between the hands) may still be ruled illegal if the official deems that it was unnecessary .   Continue reading

Corsetti Joins US Lacrosse Men’s Officials Training Group

gordonclearALO’s own Gordon Corsetti has been asked to join the US Lacrosse Men’s Officials Training Group! Their mission is to “create, maintain and implement standardized training, evaluation and education of all officials across the country that raises the knowledge, experience and safety for all those involved in the game of lacrosse.” Gordon brings  a wealth of lacrosse experience as a player, administrator, coach, official, and  trainer as well as a unique perspective on how the game has grown in non-traditional areas. Gordon will make an excellent addition to the group! Congratulations!

MAYLA, AYL and GLL Youth League Rules

It is essential that officials working youth games know the US Lacrosse Youth Rules, but they must also be aware of the specific adjustments each league or tournament is playing under. Below you will find a number of league rules from in and around the Atlanta area. Continue reading

GHSA TV: Great Game Film Resource

GHSATVPlayOn! Sports is the nation’s premier high school sports media company. We are the largest rights holder, producer, and aggregator of high school sports events, including the GHSA.  Games may be viewed on cable television as well as web. This is another great resource you can use to watch film and improve your craft.  You might even catch yourself on tape! Visit the site regularly to see what new games have been posted.

Continue reading

Tips for New Officials

You’ve completed all the requirements: been through the Level 1 training class,  taken the online course, done your field work , taken the rules test, watched the rules video, registered with US Lacrosse as an official and received your patch.  So now what? The class you took taught you a lot about the rules of the mechanics of  officiating, but there are probably still  many questions you might have about being a referee. Here are some helpful tips and advice for you as a begin your career.  Continue reading