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Learning to Speak Lacrosse

dolphin cartoonThat the game and the rules have their own lingo is not unique to the sport of lacrosse.  In football, while fans, players, coaches and announcers use the terms fumble and muff interchangeably, the terms have radically different meanings and can have major impacts on how you rule on a play. Being a fan or an announcer is not the same as being an official.  For folks new to the game and to those who have been playing lacrosse for some time, becoming an official requires that you learn how to talk about the game. One needs to learn what particular terms mean and how to describe situations, leaving out superfluous information and focusing on key relevant facts. One must essentially learn how speak lacrosse.

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Essential Equipment

Clint Bond has a great piece on the US Lacrosse website entitled “What’s in your bag?” He offers some great tips on how to organize your equipment and highlights the list of must haves for every lacrosse official.  I thought that I would add my two cents to the conversation.  Continue reading

US Lacrosse Men’s Game Officiating Online Course

us lax logoUS Lacrosse’s Officials’ Education Program has created a series of online courses designed to teach fundamental lacrosse rules and penalties through diagrams, video and interactive instruction. The Men’s Game Officiating Online Course is required for officials’ certification and STRONGLY recommended for coaches and anyone who wants to understand the rules of the game. The course is self-guided and meant to compliment the in-person classroom and field sessions.  These courses are exclusively available and FREE to US Lacrosse members.

Note: The course is a bit tricky to access.  You may download the instructions for accessing the course through the US Lacrosse website here.
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Final Level 1 Officials Training Class February 23 in Allatoona

The final Level 1 Officials Training Class will beb held on February 23 in Allatoona.  The deadline for registering is February 2. Successful completion of these classes and current membership with US Lacrosse will enable participants to officiate youth lacrosse games for the upcoming season.   Continue reading

Spots Available for Jan 26 Training

Spots are still available for Jan 26 Training at Peachtree City.  Visit the registration link to sign up!