Monthly Archives: October 2012

US Lacrosse Strategic Plan 2013-15

 US Lacrosse today released “US Lacrosse Strategic Plan 2013-15,” a document outlining five areas of strategic priority and associated goals that will guide the operations of lacrosse’s national governing body for the next three years. The US Lacrosse Board of Directors formally approved the strategic plan at its September meeting. Continue reading

Utah Lacrosse Rules: Interpretation of the 2013 NFHS Boys Rules

Cole Sloan, District Training Coordinator for District 9: UT, CO, NM, WY offers his interpretation of some of the new NFHS rules – they are purely his opinion and not those of any governing body of lacrosse. Disclaimer: these interpretations are subject to change after the Rules Meetings at the USL National Convention in January. Some of the verbiage may change but the spirit of the rule changes will be integrated into the 2013 NFHS Rule Book. Read More.

NCAA Rule Changes, POEs and Clarifications Guide for 2013 Fall Lacrosse

The following are the rules changes and points of emphasis recently adopted by the NCAA  for the 2013 season.  These changes are being implemented this fall.  As rules are clarified further and changes to the mechanics are made, ALO will keep you posted!   Continue reading

2013 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes Focus on Sportsmanship, Risk Minimization

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (August 10, 2012) — A focus on sportsmanship and risk minimization highlighted many of the rules changes approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Boys Lacrosse Rules Committee at its July 16-18 meeting in Indianapolis. All 16 rules revisions were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors.  Continue reading