Live Blogging The Vail LAREDO 3 (Part 3)

Your traveling official was too tuckered out after yesterdays games to do a post last night. So this live blog is a recap of the games from yesterday and today.

Yesterday was not as difficult as I was imagining it would be. I thought I’d be out of breath from the first game, and not be able to run for the remaining four. As it turns out, I apparently adjust to altitude well. Running at 8,500 feet has not been an issue for me, which I am really happy about. Another plus was we had a lot of cloud cover (and one rain delay), which contributed to a very cool day. Throw in some running times games, and it was a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

My crew chief for the five games yesterday was really great. He was calm and composed, which is what you expect from a seasoned referee. He was also incredibly relaxed when giving me pointers and advice, which put me at ease. Overall, my legs and lungs held up great after five games in a row, and the evaluating clinicians had some good things to say about my game and they also gave me some really good things to work on. As soon as we wrapped up the games and headed back to the condo, I put on swim trunks and soaked in the hot tub for thirty minutes. It was heavenly.

For today the format of the games changed, and I was assigned two games with a two hour break between them. These games, however, were full stop-time NFHS games. Horns, two time-outs per half, normal time penalties, the whole shebang. It was also when the crew chiefs told us we would be seriously evaluated, because the games were regulation games. I was really fortunate to have a solid crew chief (they are all solid by the way. You don’t get to be a crew chief by being a yard sale), and an exceptional partner from Arizona.

We communicated really well, and we flew up and down the field on transition. After the first game of the day, the crew chief told us that that was probably the closest we’d come to a college-caliber game this tournament. Lot of up-and-down action, quick transitions, and excellent ball movement from both teams. I am happy to report the observer thought the crew did a really solid job, and again gave us some solid tips to improve our game. I’ll be doing a LAREDO recap when I get home where I’ll list all the advice I was given after each game, as I’ve been keeping copious notes.

Tomorrow is likely another set of two games, and then Sunday is the last day of games for the tournament. I must admit, I am having a great time out here. Hanging out with fellow officials, working games, and having fun. I can’t think of something I’d rather be doing right now.


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