Message to Prospective Officials and Parents

As a new US Lacrosse District V Certified Trainer, I have been tasked with training Youth Officials in the Atlanta Area. Fellow official and trainer Gordon Corsetti and I have been working to develop an infrastructure that will allow young officials break into the game of Lacrosse. Many of you have contacted us to express interest in attending the US lacrosse Level 1 Training. Please know that we have been working diligently to arrange classes throughout the Atlanta area to meet the growing demand for officials.

A number of teams, programs, and parents have worked with us to schedule classes but available spots have been taken almost immediately by members of the sponsoring programs and teams. As we do not have access to facilities except through teams and programs, holding an open class has been a challenge.

Our hope is to develop long term relationships with many of these programs and facilities in order to regularly schedule these classes, but in the meantime, we would ask any parent who has access to facilities like the ones mentioned, would please work with us in arranging facilities and dates to hold classes.

The course requires eight (8) hours of class time and a field training session which is best accomplished with the cooperation of a team or teams holding a scrimmage. We require both classroom and field space.  The class must have a whiteboard and a screen to show videos and PowerPoint presentations. While not required, a projector and internet access are very helpful. The field should be lined and teams should be available for at least two hours.

I envision 3-4 classroom sessions of 2-2.5 hours each. One option is to do one on a Friday, two on a Saturday with an extended lunch break, and one on a Sunday, followed by lunch and the field training. Other combos will of course, work as well; a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday can work well, nor am I limited to the weekend, if you wanted to do weekday or night classes that could work as well.

Visit the Scheduling A Class Page for more information.

Please note that a few weeks advance notice is required in order to order materials. Participants will be provided a rules book, mechanics manual, youth guidebook, flag and Fox 40 finger whistle as well as open access to videos, PPTs and other online resources on our website.  In addition we have created a Facebook and Twitter account to engage students throughout the year.

You can contact me at or call me at 770-689-9782. And thank you so much for your interest in growing the sport of Lacrosse in Atlanta.


Greg Hite
US Lacrosse District V Certified Trainer


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