US Lacrosse Announces New Standardized Training and Certification Requirements

US Lacrosse has announced new minimum training requirements for men’s officials to begin in the 2012 season. This new program will allow officials to keep up with the changes occurring in the game through its growth and development. It also provides officials with a clear and definitive career progression that will be the standard across the country.

Three levels of certification, each with its own evaluation form, have been established that match an official’s understanding and ability to officiate a lacrosse game. The most critical component for an official to achieve a level of certification requires passing an on-field evaluation for each particular level. You can view the requirements here.

For more details regarding this program please go to the Men’s Officials Resources page, where you can find the certification requirements, on-field evaluation forms, and an FAQ about the new program and different aspects of officials training. Trainers can access PowerPoints, videos and other additional resources on the trainers-only page of the resources section.

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