2012 NFHS POE: Stick Checks

The last point of emphasis in the 2012 NFHS  rule book addresses stick checks. The NFHS recommends four random stick checks throughout the game. In order to better understand what a stick check entails, GLOA Official Gordon Coresetti has prepared two videos to watch and to share with your other coaches, players, and parents. Please refer to pages 53-54 of the 2012 NFHS Rule Book; Rule 5 Section 5 Illegal Crosse – and especially Situation I.You can refer to the rule book for the enforcement of penalties for illegal sticks, but basically – if the pocket is too deep or if the ball gets hung up because of a deep pocket, it is a one minute non-releasable penalty and the stick can be fixed and brought back into the game. If the stick is too short (or too long) or if it is less than 6.5 inches at the top or if the ball gets hung up because of plastic or sidewalls, it is a three minute non releasable and the stick may not come back into the game (even if it is the sidewall strings which make the ball not roll out freely).

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