NFHS Rule 4-15 Interpretation (Gii/Kii)

Once the ball has been successfully advanced into the goal area, a team is provided the opportunity to run its offense on its offensive half of the field. If the offensive team carries or intentionally passes or propels the ball to its defensive half of the field and the offensive team was last in possession, the official will signal and verbally announce “get it in/keep it in” if the offensive team gains possession.
The offensive team has 10 seconds to return the ball to the goal area, at which point it must “keep it in.” Once the goal area is gained, the officials will signal and verbally say “keep it in.” In all other situations in which the ball returns to the defensive half of the field, normal rules for advancing the ball will apply with the appropriate count starting upon possession.

The automatic get it in/keep with a 10 second count it is only in effect if the offense intentionally carries, throws, or propels the ball into their defensive half of the field (the key word is probably intentional and should be extended to cover “propel” as well as throw).

If it is UNINTENTIONAL (ball becomes loose, there is a bad pass and the ball is loose, etc) then if the offense regains possession in their defensive half, they have 20 seconds to clear the ball and then 10 seconds to get it into their goal area (but they don’t have to keep it in).
A shot which the offense retains possession of in their offensive half of the field does not get a new 10 second count.  But a shot they retain possession of in the defensive half of the field means a new 20 second to clear and a new 10 to get it into their goal area (but they don’t have to keep it in).

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