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This site has been developed to assist young officials break into the game of Lacrosse and experienced officials hone their craft.  I am teacher by training and I wanted to create a world class collection of materials to help improve the quality of officiating in the Atlanta area and across the country. Continue reading

US Lacrosse Announces New Standardized Training and Certification Requirements

US Lacrosse has announced new minimum training requirements for men’s officials to begin in the 2012 season. This new program will allow officials to keep up with the changes occurring in the game through its growth and development. It also provides officials with a clear and definitive career progression that will be the standard across the country. Continue reading

Keeper of the Game Project

The Keeper of the Game Project is a culture preservation campaign lauched by US Lacrosse that is focused on protecting and championing the values of lacrosse. As the game grows and changes occur, it is critical that each generation who played the sport own the responsibility of safeguarding the integrity and spirit of the game for future generations. The game is in your hands.  Continue reading

“Crooked Arrows” to be released Spring 2012

“Crooked Arrows,” a much-anticipated lacrosse feature film that chronicles the unlikely rise of a Native American team to a prep school league championship, began filming in August and is slated for release in theaters during the spring 2012 lacrosse season. Click here to view the trailer!

2012 NFHS POE: Stick Checks

The last point of emphasis in the 2012 NFHS  rule book addresses stick checks. The NFHS recommends four random stick checks throughout the game. In order to better understand what a stick check entails, GLOA Official Gordon Coresetti has prepared two videos to watch and to share with your other coaches, players, and parents. Please refer to pages 53-54 of the 2012 NFHS Rule Book; Rule 5 Section 5 Illegal Crosse – and especially Situation I. Continue reading