Field Training April 18

ALO will be holding field training at Mabry Middle School 2700 Jims Road NE, Marietta, GA 30066 on April 18.

This field training is available ONLY to those who completed the webinar, attended the training class and passed BOTH the 2015 USL Youth and NFHS tests.

All details can be found here.

2015 Annual Re-Certification

zebra150Officials MUST  re-certify each and very year in order to maintain their status as US Lacrosse Officials.  For the latest information on how to re-certify, check out the Annual Re-Certification page.

Field Training Update

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you regarding field training.
With the icy weather at the start of the season, we had a delay in getting the youth game schedule and have had a slew of high school and college games rescheduled. Unfortunately the youth games we have used in the past at AYL are now later in the afternoon and are competing with games our trainers already have been assigned.
I am currently working on finding trainers who are available on the weekends as well as alternative games.  As soon as I have spots available I will let you know.
Right now, you should be securing your uniform.  You can check out the info on what to buy and where to get it, look here.
As always, keep reading the rules book and the manual.
If you have questions, let me know.

Match Emails in Arbiter and Merge Accounts

arbiterHere is a quick video tutorial for officials with two separate email accounts on ArbiterSports and want to merge them into one. The link takes you to the US Lacrosse Central Hub.  


Due Date for Completing NFHS and USL Youth Tests March 8

Everyone, regardless of whether you are a first year official or are re-certifying for 2015, MUST complete BOTH the NFHS and USL Youth tests in two weeks (DUE DATE MARCH 8) or I will not be able to schedule you for a field training this Spring.
If you want to be a lacrosse referee you need to take care of your business. As always, check out the ALO website for information, join out Facebook page and check your email.
You can find out how to take the tests on the ALO tests page.
Be sure to read the instructions, particularly if you cannot log in to the system.  Only US Lacrosse can fix that, so you will need to email them at
Email BOTH your scores by sending me the email from Arbiter or taking a screen shot.


US Lacrosse Central Hub on Arbiter

arbiterAll officials have been issued a free Arbiter account as part of the US Lacrosse membership.   If you work for a league that uses Arbiter to assign games, you will see that account as well. Your login should be the email address and password associated with your USL membership. Continue reading